caving harnesses

While a rock climbing harness may be used with some types of caving ascending systems, they are less than ideal for a variety of reasons including poor durability and a high attachment point. There are several manufacturers of caving-specific seat and chest harnesses. Caving seat harnesses usually lack padding since this can absorb and hold water, adds weight and bulk, and is usually not beneficial when considering that cavers often wear many clothing layers already. Caving harnesses have two connection loops at the front that are designed to be used with either a half-moon (aka demi-rond, or simply ā€œDā€) maillon or a delta (triangular) maillon. The D-maillon does a better job of staying centered and provides more space for clipping multiple items such as the descender, chest ascender, and cowstails. An alternative to the maillon as a harness master attachment point is the Petzl Omni carabiner. These are rated for loads in multiple directions, unlike a standard locking carabiner. The Omni comes in both a manual screw-lock closure and a Triact auto-locking closure. Caving-specific harnesses almost always have adjustable waist belts and adjustable leg loops. The master attachment point is designed to be low, which allows more room for attaching a chest ascender such as the Petzl Croll.

Some caving-specific seat harnesses include:

Petzl Fractio

Petzl Supreavanti

MTDE Amazonia II

MTDE Picos


AV Muruck

AV Technibat

Singing Rock Digger

PMI Pit Viper

GGG Caver

GGG Ultralight

OnRope 1 Goliath