ropewalker system

The Ropewalker ascending system utilizes two active ascenders… one above the foot, and the other just above the opposite knee. In the most common form of the system these ascenders are advanced automatically via a bungee cord and pulley so that as each foot is alternately lifted the ascender moves up the rope. A chest box or roller is used to maintain an upright body position, and a third ascender rides above this for safety or to hold the caver’s weight when sitting down to rest. To climb the feet are moved up and down much like working out on a stair-master machine or climbing a ladder, except that the arms do not have an active role. The ropewalker system is the fastest and most efficient rope climbing system for longer free-hanging ropes. It is heavier, bulkier, slower to get on or off rope, and more difficult to use for mid-rope maneuvers such as crossing rebelays, changeovers, or crossing knots, but for long free-hanging rope pitches such as Surprise Pit, Fantastic Pit, or Golondrinas, there is no faster way to reach the top.